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Keeping your hair healthy is essential for having a great style.  Healthy hair is comprised of multiple techniques and products.  Knowing what works best for your hair is not universal, so staying with a professional stylist to assist in the health of your hair is essential. The balance of the following three components can help with healthy hair which are: moisture balance, proplex reconstructors, and  systematic reshaping.


Stylish cuts add to your overall appearance and sets you apart from others.  There is something to consider when having it done, it's a commitment! It cost to maintain your new look and you are worth it. Stay committed to your stylist if they are providing the services that are necessary for your healthy hair.


Maintaining your new style can be achieved and sometimes there are some questions that have to be answered in order to get it done.  Only you know what the questions are and you have to ask them. One sure way of keeping a style is product usage and what you must do before retiring for the night. Ask your questions to get an idea of what may work best for you.


Hello Everyone! 


I hope enjoy this video. I wanted to show the process of getting  your makeover experienced. Your hair can remain healthy with a relaxer with products that prevent dryness and adds shine and moisture. Take a look at this relaxed short hair style with a vibrant hue of red.  

I hope to consult with you soon, so book your appointment now!






 ​"I've been Karen's client for over 10 years.  When we met my hair was very damaged due to self inflictions of trying to do my own relaxers, colors, etc.  Karen in my opinion is one of the top stylist in the industry with a sincere passion to help people look and feel their very best.  She's very informative about the industry and stays abreast of the latest trends.  She offers amazing cuts, color, and savvy sassy styles.  In addition she also offers custom makeup artistry.


Thank you Ms. Karen for your continued services!


Pat​ L.



Are you a new hairstylist wanting to see a friendly face in the industry of cosmetology to share and learn techniques? Polished Looks is willing to assist with your new venture in your career. Contact us to set up a consultation to see if we can help add value to you as you move into your new salon.


We take pride in adding value to others and that is our main goal. Whether it is creating a new style for your new career, business cards, or a presentation , we are here to assess your needs. We also set up total makeover sessions with a professional photographer capturing your new polished looks.


We pride ourselves in assisting to help you find the correct products that are vital in keeping your hair healthy. The products are used and sold in the salon so no need to look elsewhere. Polished Looks Salon is here to educate you on your  proper product selection for you and your family.  We are just a phone call away!


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